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About CakeFlix

Paul Bradford and David Brice are partners and co-owners of CakeFlix. Their mission is to empower people to achieve their cake decorating dreams, by providing a huge selection of online cake decorating tutorials, a range of attended classes and a supportive community of cake decorators. This is backed by a wealth of business experience that can help you become a cake professional.

CakeFlix is spread across two websites CakeFlix.tv and CakeFlix.com. CakeFlix.com hosts content for Pro and Premium members along with many cake related resources and CakeFlix.tv hosts CakeFlix Basic subscribers. CakeFlix.tv content is streamed across the major streaming channels, which is available for CakeFlix Basic, Premium and Pro members.

About Paul Bradford

Inspired by his gran, Paul Bradford has always had a passion for cake decorating. Paul attended Edinburgh's Telford College to learn baking and cake design and afterwards went on to work at the long established Oliphant's bakery in Linlithgow. Initially starting as a baker, Paul soon carved out a niche for himself in cake decoration.

Looking to enhance his skills, Paul moved to a well established cake company in Glasgow in early 2001 and by 2002, he had started his own cake decorating business back in Linlithgow.

He grew the cake decorating business to 7 outlets with 35 staff, but in 2011 Paul changed his focus to teaching through his cake decorating courses and online tutorials.

His rise to fame has seen several TV appearances and the opportunity to make cakes for the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Albert of Monaco as well as celebrities such as Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees. He now has over 200k members of his website worldwide and has the honour of winning Cake Masters Best Learning Experience in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

In 2009 Paul was awarded the coveted Disciples de' Escoffier for his knowledge and imparting his skills through teaching cake decorating.

Paul has taught all over the world and whether watching him online or attending one of his classes, he enjoys giving his students a feel good experience.

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About David Brice

David joined the army at 16 years old and enjoyed a number of exciting deployments including Germany, Kenya and Belize as well as two active tours in Northern Ireland during the troubles in 1985 and 1986. David left the army aged 23 to take up a career as a civil servant with the Ministry of Defence.

By age 33, David had reached the grade of Senior Executive Officer, a year later he then took a transfer the Scottish Government to take up a senior role in finance. A year after that, he was promoted again to a senior role working closely with Scotland's Transport Minister. This position involved policy influence, public speaking, speech writing and a place on the Transport Management Board. Although considered very successful, David knew this wasn't what he wanted to do, so in 2005 he make a monumental decision to give up his civil service career to help grow the cake business with Paul.

David was instrumental in the growth of the cake business and in 2010 started plans to implement the online tutorials project. This was bold and adventurous as nobody else was doing online tutorials at that time.  However, having persuaded Paul that it was a good idea, he went about building a website, learning how to do the filming and editing and getting a prototype ready in 2011 for proof of concept. The uptake was amazing, and over 8 years later has ensured that at least one new feature length tutorial is added to the website weekly.

David is the lead Business tutor on the CakeFlix with 174 videos published on the website. He used his experience from guiding Paul as a sole trader start up, to building the business to 7 outlets and 35 staff. "It was a tough ride full of very steep learning curves. My aim is to help others by highlighting the things that went well for us and more importantly, those that didn't" David said.

Within CakeFlix David's key role is Business Development as he is always looking for ways to grow and enhance the CakeFlix customer experience.